About us

Life is a constant flow of ideas and innovations

Acta Klinika is a Swiss life science company specialized in the development of natural supplements. The company has partnerships with carefully selected developers and manufacturers to deliver safe and effective quality products.
⦁ Quality: Our products are manufactured and tested against the highest quality standards at a GMP-certified facility located in Switzerland
⦁ Satisfaction Guaranteed: Following the recommended directions for XNS supplement intake, unlock a range of benefits. We aim for your satisfaction to be assured.
Actaklinika natural supplement XNS 21

Area of interest

⦁ In ACTA Klinika we focus on the research and development of innovative supplements and novel approaches to boost overall happiness and fulfillment.
⦁ We established strong Research & Development partnerships with prestigious universities and Manufacturing collaboration with reliable contract manufacturer of various nutritional supplements in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

Core Values

Commitment to People


Innovation and Discovery