«Delivery drivers are racking up more miles, leading to congested streets and higher carbon production. The packaging included with all these deliveries often ends up in landfills. These issues are only growing worse, and lawmakers and the public are pressuring companies to become more eco-friendly.

Related to that, ordering through our website is possible with minimum quantity order of 6 units.

« Our environment is important to us»

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Acta Klinika develops and produces high-quality dietary supplements that you can buy online in the webshop and only in good pharmacies. Order with free shipping (within Switzerland). For customers outside Switzerland please use our international website:

A shipment can be organized through us for customers with a minimum order quantity of 6 Units.

Free shipment is standard for such orders. With this free shipping option, we choose the fastest service available.

Most of our orders will ship out within 24 hours if received during normal business hours. (Monday- Friday 7:30am- 5pm).

Due to shipping carrier policies, we cannot guarantee or fulfill requests for weekend deliveries. Shipping carriers do occasionally deliver orders sent with standard shipping on Saturday but cannot be guaranteed.

Shipping and processing times are business days. Monday- Friday and excludes all holidays.

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